Tabling Saturday 3/16 at Station 40 – Come Check Us Out

We will be tabling tomorrow at Station 40’s Subversive Book Event, an autonomous addition to the festivities of the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair Weekend and the Bay Area’s 8 Days of Anarchy.  Come check us out and get your Tsega Center t-shirt!    Station 40 is located at 3030 B 16th St. in San Francisco.  For more about the event click here.


March Against Berkeley Police

Callout to attend March at 6:30 pm in People’s Park, in response to the Berkeley Police killing a transwoman in her home last week, and other recent murders at the hands of police:

“Nearly one month later and the Berkeley Police still have not released
information as to the cause of her death, leaving most questions
unanswered. However we do know that there was no commotion or overt
disturbance prior to BPD’s arrival. We know when Berkeley Police arrived
at her home, for the second time in one night, they had police back-up but they did not have a mental health mobile crisis team with them. We know Ms Moore was
alive and not on the verge of death prior to the arrival of the Berkeley Police. We know police regularly murder people of color, gender-variant people, and people with “mental illness.” We also know only one Police Officer in California has been convicted in the death of a civilian and his charges were brought only after massive riots swept Oakland. ”

Anonymous Queers in Action