Mission Statement

The Tsega Center  will be an independent feminist social center that prioritizes radical self-organizing by and for women, transpeople, and genderqueer/gendernonconforming people – particularly people of color, queer and gay people, mothers, and children. This will be a public space for solidarity, education, recreation, celebration, and for sharing skills, food, and other material resources. It will be a space of safety and solidarity for sex workers, survivors of domestic, sexual, and gendered violence, survivors of the criminal justice system, and other people who are devalued and brutalized. This is a space for people who want to participate in a collective struggle to fight back, improve our lives, to be creative, to care for each other, and to have fun together.

The struggle for survival pits us against one another, it isolates us and keeps us feeling powerless and depressed. There are few public spaces where we are not harassed by the police, forced to spend lots of money, or threatened by sexual assault and other forms of violence. One of the goals of our social center will be to alleviate the daily struggle for survival through sharing, pooling resources, providing childcare and finding other creative ways to be sociable and enrich our lives without money and without relying on politicians or the state. We aim to build a culture of resistance to the many forms of power that crush our potential. We are committed to collectively fighting and abolishing racism, capitalism, white supremacy, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, patriarchy, the police state, and the prison system.

Lots of the words we use here mightbe weird or confusing, so we are working on writing some definitions of the ones we find really important. Stay tuned!


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