Who was Tsega?

Tsega was a comrade of ours from Occupy Oakland who always stood out of the crowd, she always was around at protests yelling and screaming at the injustices she was hearing, and standing up against violence and police brutality. Tsega was murdered by her boyfriend on July 30th, 2012, and her body found by lake Merrit where she was left to die. That was a tragedy for us as a movement because she was a strong comrade and also a mother with children. When Tsega died, we were sad, and we were mad. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone. When we think of her, we think of how strong she was and how she inspired us, and we wanted her strength and her memory to live on within us. We wanted to remember that we have to fight and struggle against domestic violence and violence against women, children, and LGBTTQ people, so we named the center after her. Lots of times this violence is gone unnoticed or it is de-politicized. We will no longer pretend it doesn’t exist and sweep it up under the rug! We should deal with these issues head-on and in our own communities, without the state or the cops.


(Below is a flyer made for Tsega and Alex, another fallen comrade of Occupy. Rest in Power.)

Tsega Alex NEW FINAL

Tsega Alex NEW FINAL


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